Nsb preset download | www nsb preset


Nsb preset download | www nsb preset is free to download here. In this article we are going to share Nsb Lightroom preset, which is bright orange and brown color effect. If you are a photographer or an editor and want to give a wonderful effect to your photos, then visit our site daily, we regularly share new Lightroom presets, where you can easily download it which is absolutely Free.

To download the Nbs Lightroom presets Free, please click the download button which is given below.

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About Lightroom

Lightroom is a collection of filters and a very popular application launched by Adobe. Lightroom is creative image organization and image manipulation software. It was firstly developed for PC, Mac and windows, after increasing its usability and a huge success of Lightroom on Windows, Adobe decided to launch a Lightroom mobile application for those who love editing and creative but do not have PC and laptop. Lightroom mobile is a great app and very easy to access, you can easily use it and edit your photos anywhere in your mobile with its complete features.

Lightroom Preset

Lightroom presets are a great way to quickly edit your photos and give a style and charm to your photos, try out our custom-made Nbs Lightroom presets absolutely free.

These Nbs Lightroom presets is very easy to use you can edit your photos without having any problem, you do not need to master in any special editing to apply these presets, just one click presets are applied to your photo.

Nsb preset download | www nsb preset

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Nbs Lightroom preset is a Bright Orange and brown color effect preset. It gives a bold color look to your photos. You can see in the picture, in the original picture front and background tree color is green, after applying this preset front green color is changed in bright orange color and background color is changed in brown color. If you want to give an amazing bright orange and brown color effects to your photos then this preset is suites your choice.

Please download Nbs Lightroom preset from download button given below. If you like this Lightroom Preset, then definitely share it to your friends and tell us in the comment box.


  • Free to download
  • Usable for Lightroom mobile
  • Bright colors
  • High-quality preset pack
  • No errors

Nsb preset Download Link

Download the bright orange and brown color effects Lightroom preset below. In this preset you will find a Zip file. By applying this preset to your photo, you can change the color of photos. To download it, click on the Download button shown below.

lightroom presets

System Requirements for Lightroom Preset

  • Android version – Android 4.0 (Kitkat) or above
  • RAM – 1 GB
  • 4 GB Space on device
  • Installed Lightroom latest version

Step by step guide How To Use Nbs Lightroom presets

After downloading these Nbs preset color effects, Lightroom mobile preset. The next step is to apply these amazing Lightroom mobile preset in your photos. These presets are gonna add a beautiful, elegant blue color effect to your photo in a single click. Follow these step by step guide to use Lightroom preset in your photo

  • Download preset by clicking the download button mentioned above.
  • Now select these preset and import it in your Lightroom mobile app.
  • Open these presets in Lightroom
  • Go to the menu setting and choose the Copy option.
  • Open your photo in Lightroom.
  • Go to Menu Option and choose Paste setting.
  • Now Lightroom preset is completely installed on your photo.
  • Great, you are all done.

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